Galia Yanoshevsky

Galia Yanoshevsky


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Last update: January 29th
Senior Lecturer, Department of French Language and Culture, Faculty of Humanities , Associate Professor

Galia Yanoshevsky is associate professor and former Head of the French Culture Department at Bar-Ilan University. She is an active member of ADARR (Tel-Aviv, Bar-Ilan). She is the author of L'entretien littéraire. L'Anatomie d'un genre (Classiques Garnier, in press), and of Les discours du Nouveau Roman: Essais, Entretiens, Débats (Septentrion 2006), as of numerous articles on the theoretical writings of the New Novel in France. Her research interests include the relationship between the press and twentieth century literature and the question of the audience in journalistic genres (Front page, political leaders). She studies visual argumentation and its articulation with the verbal, (cf. Yanoshevsky 2016, 2017 on the photo-album and tourist guides). Her latest ISF funded research (2016-2019) focuses on representations of collective memory in tourist guidebooks.