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Nathan's Oracle (2 Samuel 7) and Its InterpretersMichael Avioz20056
Beyond the Limit-Experience: French Poetry of the Deportation, 1940-1945Gary David Mole20025
The Time of Cruel Miracles: Mythopoesis in Dostoevsky and Agnon, Heidelberg University Publications in SlavisticsRoman Katsman20024
Poetics of Becoming: Dynamic Processes of Mythopoesis in Modern and Postmodern Hebrew and Slavic Literature, Heidelberg University Publications in SlavisticsRoman Katsman20052
Abram to Abraham: A Literary Analysis of the Abraham NarrativeJonathan Grossman20161English
Identity, Heroism and Religion in the Lives of Contemporary Jewish Women,Judy Baumel Schwartz20130Esperanto
Ruth: Bridges and BoundariesJonathan Grossman20150
My Name is Freida Sima: The American-Jewish Women's Immigrant Experience Through the Eyes of a Young Girl from the BukovinaJudy Baumel Schwartz20170English
At the Other End of Gesture. Anthropological Poetics of Gesture in Modern Hebrew Literature, Begengung/פגישה: Jüdische StudienRoman Katsman20080
Letters of Love: Franz Rosenzweig's Spiritual Biography and Oeuvre in Light of the Gritli Letters (Vol. 2).Ephraim Meir20060English
A Very Special Life: The Bernice ChroniclesJudy Baumel Schwartz20170English
Vulnerable Futures, Transformative Pasts: On Vulnerability, Temporality and EthicsMiri Rozmarin20170English
Creating Oneself: Agency, Desire, and Feminist TransformationsMiri Rozmarin20110English
For the Love of Shirley: One Woman's Challenges and Choices in Postwar Jewish AmericaJudy Baumel Schwartz20200

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