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Practical soldiers: Israel's military thought and its formative factorsAvi Kober20150English
Avi Sagi: Existentialism, Pluralism, and IdentityAvi Sagi20150English
The Legal Methodology of Late Nehardean Sages in Sasanian BabyloniaBarak Cohen20110
For Out of Babylonia Shall Come Torah and the Word of the Lord from Nehar Peqod: The Quest for Babylonian Tannaitic TraditionsBarak Cohen20171
Between Iberian Politics and Converso Identities: A Study of the “Apology on behalf of the Christians called ‘news', of this Kingdom of Portugal”,Claude Stuczynski20210
Bovo d'Antona by Elye Bokher. A Yiddish Romance. A Critical Edition with CommentaryClaudia Rosenzweig Kupfer20150English
Stones Speak-Hebrew Tombstones from Padua, 1529-1862David Malkiel20130English
Wisdom and Greatness in One Place: The Alexandrian Trader Moses Ben Judah and his CircleDotan Arad20160English
Seride Teshuvot, A Descriptive Catalogue of Responsa Fragments from the Jacques Mosseri CollectionDotan Arad20120English
From Phenomenology to Existentialism: The Philosophy of Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikDov Schwartz20120English
Religion Or Halakha: The Philosophy of Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikDov Schwartz20070English
Central problems of medieval Jewish philosophyDov Schwartz20050English
Faith at the crossroads: A theological profile of religious ZionismDov Schwartz20020English
Self-Interest or Communal Interest? An Ideology of Leadership in the Gideon, Abimelech and Jephthah Narratives (Judg. 6-12)Elie Assis20055
Rabbinisme et paganisme en Palestine romaineEmmanuel Friedheim20060French
The Aramaic Levi DocumentEsther Eshel200428
Vagueness, gradability and typicality: The interpretation of adjectives and nounsGalit Weidman Sassoon201357English
Best Practices for Human Rights and Humanitarian NGO Fact-FindingGerald Steinberg201210English
Israel Celebrates: Jewish Holidays and Civic Culture in IsraelHizky Shoham20175English
The Torah Ark in Renaissance Poland: A Jewish Revival of Classical AntiquityIlia Rodov20135English
Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls, Vol. 1James Nathan Ford20132English
Aramaic Incantation Bowls in Museum Collections, Vol 1: The Frau Professor Hilprecht Collection of Babylonian Antiquities, JenaJames Nathan Ford20200English
Aramaic Magic Bowls in the Vorderasiatisches Museum in Berlin: Descriptive List and Edition of Selected TextsJames Nathan Ford20183English
To Live in a Sacred Community: Studies in Medieval Ashkenazic Religiuous LifeJeffrey Woolf20150English
Narrative analogy in the Hebrew Bible: battle stories and their equivalent non-battle narrativesJoshua Berman200414
A Concise Lexicon of Late Biblical Hebrew: Linguistic Innovations in the Writings of the Second Temple PeriodLeeor Gottlieb20144
The Gender Challenge of HebrewMalka Muchnik20144English
Fragile Images: Jews and Art in Yugoslavia, 1918-1945Mirjam Rajner20190English
Abraham Ibn Ezra's Introductions to Astrology, A Parallel Hebrew-English Critical Edition of the Book of the Beginning of Wisdom and the Book of the Judgments of the Zodiacal SignsShlomo Sela20160
Abraham Ibn Ezra on Nativities and Continuous Horoscopy, A Parallel Hebrew English Critical Edition of the Book of Nativities and the Book of RevolutionShlomo Sela20130
Abraham Ibn Ezra on Elections, Interrogations and Medical Astrology, A Parallel Hebrew English Critical Edition of the Book of Elections (3 Versions), the Book of Interrogations (3 versions) and the Book of the LuminariesShlomo Sela20110
Abraham Ibn Ezra: The Book of the World, A Parallel Hebrew-English Critical Edition of the Two Versions of the TexShlomo Sela20100
Abraham Ibn Ezra: The Book of Reasons, A Parallel Hebrew-English Critical Edition of the Two Versions of the TextShlomo Sela20070
Abraham Ibn Ezra and the Rise of Medieval Hebrew ScienceShlomo Sela20030
Saladin in EgyptYakov Lev19990English
State and Society in Fatimid EgyptYakov Lev19910English
Practical materia medica of the medieval Eastern Mediterranean according to the Cairo GenizahZohar Amar200776English

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