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Cooperating Heterogeneous SystemsDavid Schwartz19950English
Atomic Energy CostingWarren Young19980
International Public Procurement Law:The Evolution of International Regimes on Public PurchasingArie Reich199923English
Theory and Practice in Ethnic Conflict Management: Theorizing Success and FailureJay Rothman1999104English
Mendlovic Optical Super ResolutionZeev Zalevsky20040English
Machine Learning ChallengesIdo Dagan20061English
Possibility, Agency, and Individuality in Leibniz's MetaphysicsOhad Nachtomy200757English
Endogenous Public Policy and ContestsGil Epstein20072
The Acheulian Site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov Volume II: Ancient and Controlled Use of FireNira Alperson Afil20110English
Feminism, Family, and Identity in Israel: Women's Marital NamesOrly Benjamin20110English
From Identity-Based Conflict to Identity-Based Cooperation: The ARIA Approach in Theory and PracticeJay Rothman201230English
Software reliability methodsDoron Peled2013390English
The Languages of Western TonalityEytan Agmon20130English
Multi-Net Optimization of VLSI InterconnectShmuel Wimer201510English
Caregiving in the Illness ContextNoa Vilchinsky201647English
Gain-Cell Embedded DRAM Arrays for VLSI Systems-On-ChipAlexander Fish20160English
Dual Model Logic: A New Paradigm for Digital IC DesignAlexander Fish20160English
Gendering Israel's Outsourcing: The Erasure of Employees' Caring SkillsOrly Benjamin20160English
Advanced Concepts, Methodologies and Technologies for Transportation and Logistics,Yuval Hadas20175English
3. Shaked, H.,* & Schechter, C. (2017). Systems thinking for school leaders: Holistic leadership for excellence in schoolsChen Schechter201726
Education finance, equality and equityIris Hadar20180English
The Acheulian Site of Gesher Benot Yaʻaqov Volume IV: The Lithic AssemblagesNira Alperson Afil20180English
The nation and the promise of friendship: Building solidarity through sociabilityDanny Kaplan20185
Handbook of the Historiography of BiologyOren Harman20190
Micro-residential Dynamics. A Case Study of Whitechapel, LondonShlomit Flint-Ashery20190English
Identifying functional domains in subunits of Structural Maintenance of Chromosome (SMC) complexes by transposon mutagenesis screen in yeastItay Onn20190
Spatial Behavior in Haredi Jewish Communities in Great BritainShlomit Flint-Ashery20200English

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