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In All Your Ways Know Him: The Concept of God and Avodah Be-Gashmiyut in the Early Stages of HasidismTsippi Kauffman200911English
Rhetoric of the Scientific Article: Language and the Discourse CommunityZohar Livnat20109Hebrew
Books and Readers: The Reading Interests of Italian Jews at the Close of the RenaissanceShifra Baruchson‐Arbib19935
The Tragedy in Ethical Life: Hegel's Philosophy and the Spirit of Modernity]Pini Ifergan20102Hebrew
Karl Jaspers: From Selfhood to BeingRonny Miron20062Hebrew
Ben-Gurion and the ConstitutionNir Kedar20151Hebrew
Marital Property [in Hebrew]Shahar Lifshitz20160Hebrew
Poor King - Kingship in Early Rabbinic Literature and Its Biblical BackgroundYair Lorberbaum20060
A Voice of Lament: The Holocaust and Prayer,Judy Baumel Schwartz19920Hebrew
Red Poem \ Blue Poem: seven Essays on U.Z.Grinberg's Poetry and Two Essays on E.L.Schuler's PoetryAvidov Lipsker20100
Yizḥak Lamdan's Diary: Annotated Edition of Genazim Bio-Bibliographical Institute Ms.: 13456\196Avidov Lipsker20150
Reflections on S. Y. Agnon, Vol. IAvidov Lipsker20150
Reflections on S. Y. Agnon, Vol. IIAvidov Lipsker20170
The Century of the Monads: Leibniz's Metaphysics and 20th-Century ModernityRachel Albeck Gidron20070English
Retorno: An orthodox Jewish therapeutic community for addiction treatmentNatti Ronel20110
Israeli Public Protest, 1949-1992Sam Lehman-Wilzig19920
The Knight and the Captive Lady – A Study of the Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) BalladShmuel Refael19980Hebrew
A Treasury of Fables: A Study of Meshal Ha-Qadmoni by Isaac Ibn SahulaRevital Refael Vivante20170Hebrew
A Small Prophecy: Sincerity and Rhetoric in Ir u-meloa by S.Y. AgnonRoman Katsman20130Hebrew
Aziz Bek: Intelligence and Espionage in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine in the World WarEliezer Tauber19910Hebrew
Secret Societies and Resistance Movements in the Fertile Crescent 1875-1920Eliezer Tauber19940Hebrew
Military Resistance in Late Mandatory Palestine: The Activities of the Jewish and Arab Military Organizations as Reflected in the Reports of High Commissioner General Sir Alan CunninghamEliezer Tauber20120English
Zionist Private Enterprise in the Building of Eretz-Israel during the Second Aliyah, 1904-1914Yossi Katz19890
Jewish Settlement in the Hebron Mountains and the Etzion BlocYossi Katz19920
The Religious Kibbutz during the Mandate PeriodYossi Katz19980
Between Jerusalem and Hebron: Jewish Settlement in the Hebron Mountains and the Etzion Bloc in the Pre-State PeriodYossi Katz19980
To Stop the Bulldozer: Establishing Institution for the Preservation of Nature and the Historical Heritage of IsraelYossi Katz20040
Hebrew Essay: Semantics, Genre, PoeticsRina Lapidus19960Hebrew
Terrorism on Behalf of the Revolution: The Palestine Liberation Organization – Soviet Relations, 1968-1991Michael Laskier20160Hebrew
Re-Nomianism and Revival: The Halakhic Thought of Rabbi Dr. Mordechai VogelmannIsaac Hershkowitz20170
Scroll of Secrets: The Hidden Messianic Vision of R. Nahman of BratslavZvi Mark20060English
The Thought of R. Joseph Albo: Esoteric Writing in the Late Middle AgesDror Erlich20090Hebrew
Common Pottery in Roman Galilee: A Study of Local TradeDavid Adan Bayewitz19930English
Yefet Ben `Eli`s Commentary on Hosea - Annotated Edition, Hebrew Translation and IntroductionEliezer Schlossberg20090Hebrew
The Commentary of R. Avraham ben Shelomo the Yemenite on the Book of Isaiah - Critical Annotated EditionEliezer Schlossberg20150Hebrew
Halakhic Loyalty: Between Opennes and ClosureAvi Sagi20120Hebrew
Rabbi Shalom Shabazi: Studies in a new volume in his handwriting - with introductory chapters on his character and his period, and testimonies on his pilgrimage to the graveAharon Gaimani20190
The present age : looking at Jewish thought todayAvi Sagi20170Hebrew
From Realism to Messianism : Religious Zionism and the Six-Day WarAvi Sagi20170Hebrew
Ecology of LiteratureAvidov Lipsker20190Hebrew
Ma'ase Rav: Halakhic Decision-Making and the Construction of Jewish IdentityAdiel Schremer20190Hebrew
Two Essays on ResurrectionEli Gurfinkel20180
Grammar and Reality in the Hebrew VerbOra Schwarzwald19810Hebrew
Meetings: Chapters in Jewish EstheticsDov Schwartz20190Hebrew

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