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Jurisprudence of MediationMichal Alberstein200710Hebrew
A separate republic: the mechanics and dynamics of Venetian Jewish self-governmentDavid Malkiel19918English
From Moses to Joshua and from the Miraculous to the Ordinary: A Literary Analysis of the Conquest Narrative in the Book of JoshuaElie Assis20055Hebrew
Zionism and Free Enterprise: The Story of Private Entrepreneurs in Citrus Plantations in Palestine in the 1920s and 1930sIrit Amit-Cohen20123
The Babylonian Masora of the Pentateuch, its Principles and MethodsYosef Ofer20012Hebrew
Books, writers and newspapers: the Jewish Cultural Centre in Warsaw: 1918-1942Nathan Cohen20030
The Female Body of God in Kabbalistic Literature: Embodied Forms of the Love and Sexuality of the Divine FeminineDaniel Abrams20050Hebrew
From Ideology to Propaganda: The "Irgun" Delegation in the USA 1939-1948Judy Baumel Schwartz19990Hebrew
The riddle behind the Cyprus: farms and citrus plantation companies in Eretz Israel in the 1920s and 1930sIrit Amit-Cohen20060
Values and sites cultural heritage in the kibbutzIrit Amit-Cohen20140
The Angel of History – The Idea of the Jewish Past in 20th CenturyRonny Miron20130Hebrew
Laughter in Heaven: Symbols of Laughter in the Works of S.Y. AgnonRoman Katsman20180Hebrew
The Business of Settlement: Private Entrepreneurship in the Jewish Settlement of Palestine, 1900-1914Yossi Katz19940
The Last Best West: Essays on the Historical Geography of the Canadian PrairiesYossi Katz19990
The Religious Kibbutz Movement in the Land of Israel, 1930-1948Yossi Katz19990
A State in the Making: Zionist Plans for the Partition of Palestine and the Establishment of a Jewish StateYossi Katz20000
The Battle for the Land: The Jewish National Fund (K.K.L.) Before the Establishment of the State of IsraelYossi Katz20000
The Battle for the Land: The History of the Jewish National Fund Before the Establishment of the State of IsraelYossi Katz20050
Revelation and Rectification in the Revealed and Hidden Writings of R. Nahman of BratzlavZvi Mark20110
Human ChoiceZvi Shimon20150Hebrew
The Terminology of the Yerushalmi – The Principal TermsLeib Moscovitz20090
Where is Israel Going?- Inner hallenges to the Jewish and de mocratic identity of the state of Israel and an outline for confronting themeats to Israel's Identity as a Jewish and Democratic StateMoshe Hellinger20190Hebrew
Éthique et Infini. Dialogues avec Philippe Nemo, transl. into HebrewEphraim Meir19950Hebrew
Jewish Existential Philosophers in DialogueEphraim Meir20040Hebrew
Levinas's Jewish Thought: Between Jerusalem and AthensEphraim Meir20080English
Secrets of the rabbinic workshop: redaction as a key to meaningNoam Zohar20070Hebrew
Clinical information systems in human service organizationsRami Benbenishty19930Hebrew
Bekhor Shoro Hadar Lo - R. Joseph Bekhor Shor between Continuity and InnovationJonathan Jacobs20170Hebrew
Abu Ḥamid Al-Ghazālī ,The Niche for LightsAvraham Elqayam20180Hebrew
“My Children, Read this Passage Every Year”: Composition and Meaning in Pesikta De-Rav KahanaArnon Atzmon20200Hebrew

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