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The Soviet Union and Syria: The Asad YearsEfraim Karsh198851English
Neutrality and Small StatesEfraim Karsh19880English
The Soviet Union and Egypt, 1945-1955Rami Ginat19930Slovak
Father-adolescent relationships: Developmental and clinical perspectivesShmuel Shulman19970
Egypt's Incomplete RevolutionRami Ginat19970English
Strabo of Amasia - A Greek Man of Letters in Augustan RomeDaniela Dueck200060
Brothers and Others in Arms: The Making of Love and War in Israeli Combat UnitsDanny Kaplan200372English
Manifestations of GenericityYael Greenberg200499
Economics, Economists and Expectations: microfoundations to macroapplicationsWarren Young20040
The Palestinian Military: Between Militias and ArmiesHillel Frisch20080
Israel's Wars of Attrition: Attrition Challenges to Democratic StatesAvi Kober20090English
Jewish women writers in the Soviet Union.Rina Lapidus20130English
Religion in international relations theory: interactions and possibilitiesJonathan Fox201378English
An introduction to religion and politics: Theory and practiceJonathan Fox2013167English
Real Business Cycle Models in EconomicsWarren Young201415
Time Series Analysis and Adjustment: Measuring, Modelling and Forecasting for Business and EconomicsWarren Young20140
Young Jewish Poets who Fell as Soviet Soldiers in the Second World WarRina Lapidus20140English
Tourism, Religion and Pilgrimage in Jerusalem (Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobility)Kobi Cohen-Hattab20150English
Ralph Bunche and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Mediation and the UN 1947–1949Elad Ben Dror20160English
1. Defining Promoting and Assessing Success in Conflict Resolution: Action Evaluation in Theory and PracticeJay Rothman20160
Conservative and Radical Perspectives on Psychoanalytic KnowledgeAner Govrin20160English
Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in Turkey: From Ottoman Rule to AKPEfrat Aviv20176English
Gulf of Tonkin and the Beginning of the Vietnam WarTal Tovy20180English
An Introduction to Religion and Politics: Theory and Practice, 2nd editionJonathan Fox20180
The International Photojournalism Industry: Cultural Production and the Making and Selling of News PicturesJonathan Ilan20185English
Hamas and Ideology: Sheikh Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī on the Jews, Zionism and Israel (Israeli History, Politics and Society)Nesya Shemer20180English
The US, Israel and Egypt Diplomacy in the Shadow of Attrition, 1969-70Yehuda Blanga20190
Negotiating Intractable Conflicts: Readiness Theory RevisitedAmira Schiff20190English
Ethics and attachment - How we make moral judgmentsAner Govrin20190

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