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1. Defining Promoting and Assessing Success in Conflict Resolution: Action Evaluation in Theory and PracticeJay Rothman20160
An introduction to religion and politics: Theory and practiceJonathan Fox2013167English
An Introduction to Religion and Politics: Theory and Practice, 2nd editionJonathan Fox20180
Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in Turkey: From Ottoman Rule to AKPEfrat Aviv20176English
Brothers and Others in Arms: The Making of Love and War in Israeli Combat UnitsDanny Kaplan200372English
Conservative and Radical Perspectives on Psychoanalytic KnowledgeAner Govrin20160English
Economics, Economists and Expectations: microfoundations to macroapplicationsWarren Young20040
Egypt's Incomplete RevolutionRami Ginat19970English
Ethics and attachment - How we make moral judgmentsAner Govrin20190
Father-adolescent relationships: Developmental and clinical perspectivesShmuel Shulman19970
Gulf of Tonkin and the Beginning of the Vietnam WarTal Tovy20180English
Hamas and Ideology: Sheikh Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī on the Jews, Zionism and Israel (Israeli History, Politics and Society)Nesya Shemer20180English
Israel's Wars of Attrition: Attrition Challenges to Democratic StatesAvi Kober20090English
Jewish women writers in the Soviet Union.Rina Lapidus20130English
Manifestations of GenericityYael Greenberg200499
Negotiating Intractable Conflicts: Readiness Theory RevisitedAmira Schiff20190English
Neutrality and Small StatesEfraim Karsh19880English
Ralph Bunche and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Mediation and the UN 1947–1949Elad Ben Dror20160English
Real Business Cycle Models in EconomicsWarren Young201415
Religion in international relations theory: interactions and possibilitiesJonathan Fox201378English
Strabo of Amasia - A Greek Man of Letters in Augustan RomeDaniela Dueck200060
The International Photojournalism Industry: Cultural Production and the Making and Selling of News PicturesJonathan Ilan20185English
The Palestinian Military: Between Militias and ArmiesHillel Frisch20080
The Soviet Union and Egypt, 1945-1955Rami Ginat19930Slovak
The Soviet Union and Syria: The Asad YearsEfraim Karsh198851English
The US, Israel and Egypt Diplomacy in the Shadow of Attrition, 1969-70Yehuda Blanga20190
Time Series Analysis and Adjustment: Measuring, Modelling and Forecasting for Business and EconomicsWarren Young20140
Tourism, Religion and Pilgrimage in Jerusalem (Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobility)Kobi Cohen-Hattab20150English
Young Jewish Poets who Fell as Soviet Soldiers in the Second World WarRina Lapidus20140English

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