CoolCite provides academics an easy and efficient means of organizing and accessing CVs. Not only does CoolCite document all activities of each scholar, the site is also a powerful tool for conducting research. CoolCite saves time and resources: with a simple click of the mouse, it produces a professionally designed CV. CoolCite allows locating all other registered users, retrieving information, and performing complex searches. By utilizing Web 2.0, the researcher can write blogs, and interact with others through forums. He or she can access the portal without having to subscribe through an institution, quickly retrieve information, and contact colleagues and students. Thanks to its accessibility and flexibility, CoolCite lowers labor costs, increases work capabilities, and enables greater scientific and intellectual productivity. The system is a "mobile library" for anything a researcher can imagine.

"I like the layout, how you can click the + to add more info and the details to hide or show more info. It makes for a cleaner look. Easy and quick! I love it."
Madeline Toubiana, Canada
"It's easy and convenient to enter details even for a technophobic like me! I really liked the ability to export the CV to a PDF."
Yaron Girsh, Israel

"CoolCite fosters the recognition of the various types of scholarship as identified by Ernest Boyer: discovery, integration, application and teaching."
Keith Goldstein, Israel