CoolCite is a CV-based portal: Scholars report about their academic background, teaching experience, advising of students, research grants and awards, presentations in conferences, reviews for journals, participation in committees, visiting positions, as well as publications. CoolCite is suitable for all academic fields--from the natural sciences and medicine to the social sciences and the humanities. The system also collects information from external sources---including, for example, citations. The portal provides comprehensive information about academic work at the individual, departmental, center, institute and country levels. CoolCite is updated immediately when new data becomes available, and provides alerts that allow researchers to be notified about the activities of other researchers, long before such research makes it into academic publications or other academic websites.


Prof. Gad Yair
Scientific Advisor, is Chair of The Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His work spans the sociology of education and higher education. He authored three books and dozens of papers in leading journals in sociology and education.
Amnon Kruvi
Chief Technology Officer of CoolCite. With development background ranging from desktop CRM systems to online services, Mr. Kruvi brings a wide spectrum of skills and innovative solutions for different clients. His experience ranges from independent, to small businesses, and global-scale projects for leading corporations.