Total Foundations:

1". The Zimmerman Foundation for the Study of Banking and Finance
3: Israel National Institute for the study of Medical services and Medical Policy
5A Euro-pean Commission Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) grant
6A European Com-mission Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) STREP grant
7Academy of Science of Ukraine
8Adelson Medical Research Foundation
9Adv. Mater. Based Li-ion Battery-Research
10Affisink Biotechnology
11Agr. Ministry for Biotechnology
12Akaviah Foundation
13Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung/FoundationGermanyAll Areas
14Alon Fellowship VTT
15Alzheimer's Association
16Amendis - Isotopia Molecular Imaging Ltd. - (industry/investment fund cooperativ
17Amendis – Acoustic Medical Nanodevices Ltd. - (industry/investment fund cooperat
18American Association for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
19American Chemical Society
20American Federation for Aging ResearchUnited StatesAging
21AP-LS Early Career Professional Grants-in-Aid program
22Apple – ARTS2010
23Applied Materials
24Arabic Language Academy (ALA)
25ARCHES Award Minerva Foundation