About Coolcite

CoolCite© is an innovative global portal for scholars and scholarship. It started with a basic insight, namely that each scholar manages his or her individual CV, but the data in those text files is mostly lost because they are disconnected from other CVs and from a common database. Consequently, current "global" databases of scholarship are limited because they use partial information from publishers and institutions rather than directly from scholars. Consequently, a lot of information on academic activities and products is lost to oblivion, and available data is biased toward some countries and languages.

CoolCite© set itself to save all academic knowledge and activities: To record all knowledge produced by scholars worldwide, and to promote further knowledge production. Moreover, CoolCite© offers all the advantages of Web 2.0 - allowing scholars to network with others across the globe, to set alerts on new items that members in CoolCite© record in their homepage, and generally to search what would soon become the largest depository of global academic products. Intelligent use of CoolCite© promises to increase scholars' impact and their visibility in their domain of scholarship.

But CoolCite© does more than that. It allows individuals and institutions to access rich data with flexible tools that help define various models of academic excellence and productivity. Eventually, CoolCite© aims to become the benchmark for any assessment of academic quality and productivity - more inclusive than current databases, fair in recognizing the inherent variability in modes of scholarship in different disciplines, and more sophisticated and rich in terms measures.

CoolCite© is currently in its takeoff stages. Join now to become a member of this exciting new global academic community. Contribute your knowledge and enjoy that of others. Be there and be recognized.

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